The Six Fu-Viscera—The Marrow

Table of contents
  1. The physiological functions of the marrow

The Bone Marrow, Spine Marrow, and Brain Marrow are composed of innate Essence and acquired Essence produced by Shen-Essence. The Miraculous Pivot says, “The refined Essence of food is changed into fat, which enters the Bone cavities and fills the Brain with marrow”.

The physiological functions of the marrow

(1) It nourishes the brain

The Miraculous Pivot says, “If Shen is deficient, Marrow cannot be abundant” . Shen-Essence, transformed by the Spine Marrow, supplies the Brain. Deficient Brain Marrow may lead to dizziness, tinnitus, or lassitude.

(2) It nourishes the bone

The Basic Questions says, “The Bones are the residence of Marrow” . The Marrow, transformed by Shen-Essence, nourishes the Bone. Malfunctioning Bone Marrow may cause maldeveloped and fragile bones.

(3) It transforms into blood

Bone Marrow can generate Blood composed of nutrient Qi and body fluid supported by Shen-Qi. So, Blood deficiency is often treated by replenishing Shen-Yang and Shen-Essence.

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