Cassia Seed

Source Cassia seed is the dried ripe seed of Cassia obtuse folia L. or Cassia tora L. (Fam. Leguminosae).

Producing Areas Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan, Hubei, etc.

Properties Bitter, Sweet, Cool

Channels Liver, Kidney, Large Intestines


  • Clears wind-heat in the liver and brightens the eyesFor wind-heat in the liver channel causing red and itchy eyes, sensitivity to light and excessive lacrimation.
  • Clears internal heat in the liver channel
    For liver yang rising affecting the eyes. Recently used to lower high blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.
  • Moistens the intestines
    For dry stools or chronic constipation from liver yin deficiency.

Usage and Dosage

10 – 15g is decocted for oral use.
The crude is for relaxing bowels and is effective in clearing away liver-fire.
The stir-baked is effective in improving eyesight.

Notes Contraindicated in the case with loose stool due to deficiency of the spleen, and in the case of hypotension.

Keep in a dry, ventilated place.

Description of Quality Herb
The good one is greenish brown in colour, full-grained.

Professional Advice
Jueming, Cassia Seed, is 4 – 6mm long, 2 – 3mm wide, with two pale brown thread-like grooves respectively on the two sides of the ridge.

Xiao Jueming, Small Cassia Seed, is like a short cylinder, 3 – 5mm long, 2 – 2.5mm wide, with two wide light yellowish brown stripes respectively on the two sides of the ridge.