Honeysuckle and Lotus Seed Soup

Dispels heat and toxins, builds the spleen and relieves diarrhoea. It is beneficial to those who are suffering severe heat-toxicity diarrhoea, heat dysentery and tenesmus.

Honeysuckle flower 15 – 30g, lotus seed (with pith) 15 – 30g.

1.Decoct the honeysuckle with water and strain out the dregs.

2.Cook the lotus seeds in the honeysuckle decoction to make soup.

Tips for a Healthy Life
Those with deficiency of the spleen causing distension of the lower abdomen and tastelessness of the mouth should avoid this dish. If the deficiency of the spleen is non-symptomatic,they may take this dish but with a reduced amount of honeysuckle flower.