The relationship between Fei(肺)and Shen(肾)

The Fei Shen  relationship is mainly reflected in Qi movement, water metabolism, and the mutual supplementation of Yin-fluid.

Fei  regulates water circulation, and Shen  regulates water metabolism. Fei  regulates respiration, and Shen  regulates the reception of air energy. Shen  and Fei  can contribute to the condition of “the Shen  failing to accept the fresh Qi” , which manifests as breathlessness, cough, or asthma. Fei  and Shen  cooperate to metabolize water.

Clinically, deficient Fei -Yin and deficient Shen -Yin often occur simultaneously, with symptoms that include a dry throat at night, a dry cough, night sweats, a feverish sensation of the palms and soles, and so on.

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