The Six Fu-Viscera Relationships

Physiologically, the six Fu-viscera coordinate food and water digestion, absorption, and discharge of waste. Food enters the Stomach, where it is partially digested, and is then sent down to the Small Intestine for further digestion, assisted by bile excreted from the Gall Bladder. After separation, useful lucid nutrients are transported by Pi  up to Xin  and Fei Turbid waste is sent downward to the Large Intestine and Bladder for discharge from the body. Prompted by Qi transformation, the six Fu-viscera are involved in digestion, absorption, and excretion through the San Jiao pathway. The Miraculous Pivot says, “The six Fu-viscera assume the responsibility of transporting and transforming food and water, and conveying body fluid” .

The Fu-viscera ideally cooperate with one another, but may also affect each other pathologically. For example, excessive Stomach-Heat consumes body fluid, impedes transportation in the Large Intestine, and usually manifests as constipation. In the reverse action, dry stools in the Large Intestine may affect the Stomach’s descending function, leading to hiccups, and vomiting. Hyperactive Fire of the Gall Bladder might attack the Stomach and lead to improper descent of Stomach Qi, causing nausea, vomiting, and bitter-tasting regurgitation.

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