The 12 Regular Meridians(十二正经)

(1) Distribution feature:

  • In the limbs: Yin — medial, Yang — lateral; front — Tai-Yin and Yangming, middle — Jue-Yin and Shao-Yang, back — Shao-Yin and Tai-Yang.
  • In the body trunk: hand 3-Yang — shoulder, hand 3-Yin — auxiliary; foot 3-Yang — Yangming at front, Shao-Yang at lateral, Tai-Yang at back, foot 3-Yin — at front.
  • In the head, face, and neck: Yangming — face and forehead; Tai-Yang — forehead, vertex, and occiput; Shao-Yang — side of head.

(2) Travelling direction and meeting place:

  • 3 Yin meridians of hand: from chest to hand.
  • 3 Yang meridians of hand: from hand to head.
  • 3 Yang meridians of foot: from head to foot.
  • 3 Yin meridians of foot: from foot to chest.

(3) Cyclical flow of Qi in the 12 meridians.

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