Magnoliavine Fruit

Source Fruit of Schisandra ehinensis (Turcz.) Baili, and S. sphenanthera, (Fam. Magnoliaceae..

Producing Areas The Northern Magnoliavine Fruit is mainly produced in Liaoning and Heilongjiang; the Southern Magnoliavine Fruit is mainly produced in Shanxi, Hubei, Henan and Yunnan.

Properties Sweet, Neutra.

Channels Lung, Heart, Kidne.


  • Benefits vital energy and promotes the production of body fluid
    For insufficiency of vital energy and body fluid manifested as fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitation, hyperhidrosis (spontaneous perspiration or night sweat), thirst, diabetes, etc.
  • Astringes lung-energy, relieves dyspnea and cough
    Treats cough and dyspnea of lung-deficiency type, lung-cold type, and the type related to deficiency of both lung and kidney.
  • Invigorates kidney to preserve essence
    Treats kidney-deficiency syndrome, chronic diarrhoea and leukorrhagia, etc.
  • Nourishes the heart and calms the mind
    Treats heart-deficiency syndrome, palpitation, insomnia and dreaminess.
    In addition, its powder is used to treat chronic illnesses and hepatitis with elevation of serum transaminase.

Usage and Dosage
The steamed herb is for promoting body fluid and relieving cough, arresting sweating and nourishing the heart.
The prepared with wine is for astringing lung and nourishing kidney, arresting seminal emission and diarrhoea.
3–10 g is used in decoction for oral use.
1–3 g of powder is taken orally.
The decoction is used externally to wash the affected area, or the powder is applied.

Used with caution in cases of exo-pathogenic factors which have not been eliminated, cough at the initial stage and sthenic heat in the interior.

Keep in a dry and well-ventilated place.
Protect from moul.

Description of Quality Herb
The good one is soft and glossy, purple in colour. It has a thick fruit flesh and a strong smell.

Professional Tips
The Southern Magnoliavine Fruit is the ripe fruit of Orange Magnoliavine, Schisandra sphenanthera Wils. It is small, 4–6 mm in diameter. The surface is brownish red to dark brown, wizened with wrinkles and thin fruit flesh sticking on the seed. It has a light odour.