Asiabell and Turmeric Lean Pork Soup

Invigorates the spleen and liver and treats deficiency of the spleen and liver, bloating or pain in the right hypochondria or upper abdomen, bitterness in the mouth, nausea, lack of appetite and sticky stools.

Turmeric tuber 10 g, pseudoginseng root 12 g, asiabell root 20 g, lean pork 100 g.

1.Rinse the lean meat and cut into pieces.
2.Soak the turmeric tuber and pseudoginseng in cold water for 30 minutes, then decoct for 30–45 minutes, and strain out the dregs.
3.Add the lean pork and asiabell root to the herbal soup and cook under medium heat for 60 minutes or until the meat becomes tender. Season to taste and serve.

Tips for a Healthy Life
This dish is intended to aid recovery from the above ailments and should not be substituted for professional medical treatment. Patients with the ailments mentioned above are advised to consult a doctor for early treatment.