Pagodatree Flower Congee

Clears away heat, cools the blood and stops bleeding.
It is used to treat those suffering from accumulation of damp heat, hematochezia or stool with blood.

Pagodatree flower 10 g, pearl rice 30 g, brown sugar to taste.

1.Rinse the pagodatree flowers and wrap in gauze. Wash the pearl rice and place both in a pot.
2.Add an adequate amount of water and cook as a thin congee.
3.Add brown sugar to taste.

Tips for a Healthy Life
Those who are heaty should replace brown sugar with honey. Take this drink on a hot day to prevent heatstroke or damp heat. Recommended for those with piles or who drink alcohol frequently. Consult a physician if stool with blood persists. Do not self-medicate.