Eight Confluent (or Meeting) Points(八脉交会穴)

These eight points are located on the limbs, where the regular meridians communicate with the eight extra meridians.

Clinical applications:

  • Activation of their respective extra meridian for treatment of diseases.
  • Usually they are used in a pair: a Confluent point on the upper limb is combined with the related Confluent point on the lower limb, as follows:


SP 4 Chong + PC 6 Yin Wei = Diseases of the Heart, chest, and Stomach.
SI 3 Du + BL 62 Yang Qiao = Diseases of the inner canthus, neck, ear, shoulder, Small Intestine, and Bladder.
GB 41 Dai + SJ 5 Yang Wei = Diseases of the outer canthus, back of ear, cheek, neck, and shoulder.
LU 7 Ren + KI 6 Yin Qiao = Diseases of the respiratory system, throat, chest, and diaphragm.

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