Kadsura Pepper Stem

Source Kadsura Stem is the vine stem of Plperfutokadsura Sieb. et Zucc. and several species of the same genus, (Fam. Piperaceae.)

Producing Areas Guangdong, Fujian and Taiwan, etc.

Properties Spicy, Bitter, Slightly Warm

Channels Liver


  • Dispels wind-dampness, and opens the Channels and collaterals
    For painful joints, stiff joints associated with arthritis.
  • Relieves muscle cramps, pain in the lower back and knee
  • Treats traumatic injuries
  • Professional Tips
    Haifengteng used in Northwest and Southwest China are the dry lichen bodies of Songluo (Usnea diffracta Vain.) and Long Songluo (Usnea longissima Ach.).

Usage and Dosage
6–12 g is used in decoction for oral use.
Also for external use.

Keep in ventilated dry place.

Description of Quality Herb

The good one has a stout and even stem, with fragrance.