The Seven Emotions Directly Impair the Zang–Fu and Have the Following Characteristics:

(1) The seven emotions originate internally, and directly impair the Zang–Fu. For example: excess Joy harms the Heart; excess Grief, the Lung; excess Anger, the Liver; excess Anxiety, the Spleen; and excess Fear, the Kidney.
(2) When one Zang-Fu is impaired, other Zang-Fu are affected. When the Liver is impaired by Anger, Liver Qi is blocked, interfering with the Spleen and Stomach, causing noncoordination between Liver and Spleen, and Liver and Stomach.
(3) The Zang-Fu most impaired by the seven emotions are the Heart, Liver, and Spleen. This is supported by clinical observation, and follows, since the Heart is the ultimate ruler and is related to all the seven emotions.

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