Overwork and Over-Rest

Table of contents
  1. 1. Overwork
  2. 2. Extended Rest

Both work and rest are necessary for human life. Suitable work amounts circulate Qi and Blood, and help maintain good health. Likewise, suitable rest amounts remove fatigue, and help maintain physical and mental fitness. Either extreme work or rest amounts may cause diseases.

1. Overwork

(1) Physical overwork consumes too much energy for too long, as in strenuous labor or exercise. Qi and Blood may be so consumed that the needed resupply is unavailable, resulting in disease. Overwork includes extended standing, walking, or speaking.
(2) Mental strain consumes so much Qi and Blood that it may lead to deficiency diseases and may damage the Spleen.
The symptoms induced by a poorly nourished Heart Shen include palpitations, amnesia, insomnia, and dream-disturbed sleep.
The symptoms induced by the Spleen’s transportation/transformation dysfunctions include abdominal distension, poor appetite, and loose stools.
(3) Too frequent sexual activity may consume Kidney Essence, and lead to deficient Qi and Blood, poor nourishment of the five Zang organs, and rapid aging.
The symptoms induced by Kidney deficiency include low-back ache and weakness, dizziness and tinnitus, lassitude, impotence, seminal emission, and premature ejaculation.
Normal sexual activity may aid Qi and Blood flow and balance Yin and Yang.

2. Extended Rest

Extended rest, or too much inactive time, may reduce Blood flow speed, reduce Zang-Fu organ function, decrease food intake and energy level, and present as dispiritedness, limb weakness, obesity, poor exertion, palpitations, dyspnea, and sweating on activity.

Extreme extended rest may lead to Phlegm, Damp, and stagnated Blood in internal organs and the invasion of Wind, Cold, and Damp into external tissues, subsequently resulting in disease.

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