what are the Disease characteristics induced by stagnated Blood?

Disease characteristics induced by stagnated Blood are:
Sharp, fixed pain that worsens with pressure or day’s end. Vague, lingering pain occurs if stagnation is caused by Qi and Blood deficiency of long-term disease.
Gradually developed, hard, fixed Lump. A lump in external tissues causes local cyanotic skin. A lump in internal organs may be as hard as a stone.
, which may block the damaged vessels or result in more difficult vessel recovery and repeated hemorrhage. In this case, stagnated Blood causes the bleeding, which can be stopped only by activating Blood, eliminating stagnated Blood, and recovering damaged vessels. When stagnated Blood induces bleeding, the Blood is dark purple and is accompanied by clots.
Cyanotic complexion, lips, and nails.
A dark purple tongue, with or without ecchymosis and petechia.
An ever-changing Pulse, including thin, uneven, deep and wiry, knotted, or slow regular intermittent.
Other symptoms, such as a black complexion, amnesia, mania, squamous and dry skin, or purpura in skin.
For example, external injury, bleeding, pregnancy, and labor may cause stagnated Blood in the inner body. There may be little stagnated Blood if the patient has never been treated with activating Blood herbs before. Blood may stagnate in meridians if chronic diseases cannot be treated easily.
The major pathogens
The major pathogens

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