Pathology and Pathogenesis Causes of Diseases-The Constitution and the Occurrence of Disease

The constitution is formed before birth and can be improved in life. It is stable but can undergo gradual changes over time. It reveals the condition of internal organs, Qi, blood, Yin and Yang. The temperament is defined as the psychological demonstration of the constitution. Different constitutions will produce different temperaments. In other words, a person’s temperament and resulting personality are determined by internal organ conditions.

(1)If both parents have a strong constitution, their offspring may also have a strong constitution. The opposite is also true. Many hereditary and familial diseases are related to the weak constitution of the parents. The constitution of the fetus is also determined by the maternal care during pregnancy. TCM recommends procedures and guidelines for women during pregnancy in order to achieve the best constitution for the fetus.

(2)The congenital constitution is fixed and unchangeable after birth. However, it is possible to slightly alter one’s constitution in a special case. By cultivating healthy living habits, one can increase the strength of any constitution. Conversely, an unhealthy lifestyle can crumble the strength of any constitution. The changes are slow and will take years or decades for significant changes to appear.

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