Disorders of Qi, Blood, and Body Fluid

Disorders of Qi, blood, and body fluid may include their deficiency and malfunction. The disorders also may affect each other. For example, Qi deficiency may result in blood deficiency and vice versa. Qi stagnation may cause blood stasis and vice versa. Qi stagnation may lead to disorder of body fluid metabolism and vice versa.

(1)Disorder of Qi means that there is not enough Qi. Malfunction of Qi means that Qi is excessive, stagnated, reversed, sunken, closed, or released. Excessive Qi may lead to crowded Qi flow, and produce fire. Stagnated Qi may block Qi flow. The remaining abnormal Qi is Qi dysfunctions in descending, ascending, exiting, and entering.

The major treasures of each organ system
The major treasures of each organ system

(2)Disorder of blood means that the body does not produce enough blood. Malfunction of blood mainly means blood stasis and bleeding.

(3)Disorder of body fluid means dry syndrome. Malfunction of body fluid means disorder of flowing and metabolism of body fluid, fluid and damp retention, leading to phlegm, pathogenic fluid, and edema.

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