Prevention of Spread and Control of Deterioration

Disease spreads, and therefore early intervention is important. The Basic Questions points out, “Pathogenic wind attacks the body as suddenly as a violent storm. A skilled practitioner endeavors to expel it from the more superficial portions of the body. Once the pathogen has attacked tendons, blood vessels, or the Zang and Fu viscera, treatment is too late”. Once a disease has taken hold, it is essential to prevent further deterioration.

Controlling the spread of disease requires early treatment and prediction of future development. Dr. Zhang  suggested: “The spleen must be strengthened in the treatment of Liver disease, because it always transmits to the Spleen following the Five Elements principle” . Reinforcing Spleen-Qi prevents Liver disease transmission. This is usually done by experienced practitioners, because patients with early stage, mild diseases with strong healthy Qi may pull through, but experienced practitioners may predict further spread.

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