The Concept of the “Merciful Heart” in Treating Patients

Last but not least, we must point out the concept of the “Mercy Heart,” and it is very important for a TCM practitioner to pay attention.

In addition to basic knowledge or experience and some modern technical training, a TCM practitioner brings patients subconscious mercy and love to “utilize his or her heart to treat patients.” This concept also appears in conventional medical ethics standards, although it is often undermined by the “objectification” and “depersonalization” of the patient in CWM practice. It requires the TCM practitioner’s Qi (energy) re-creation, impelled by a merciful heart, compassion, and subconscious love, to support the effort of strengthening the patient’s Qi circulation and releasing the stagnation. It may not only be recognized as a psychological effect, but could also be a kind of bioenergy transformation process.

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