The Human Body in Connection with the Universe(2)

The five phases theory is about adjusting and keeping the balance in the human body. Ancient Chinese doctors discovered that partial components would become too active and harmful if they were not well controlled; on the other hand, the partial components would not be able to emerge and develop in competition with others if they did not receive supportive care. The five phases theory is about the “whole will” through the competition and coordination among components. Following the whole will, components get support from the entire system and continually produce, develop, and strengthen the system. Those components opposing the whole will are systematically debilitated in competition with the numerous will-aligned elements. The nonlinear connection is processed through elements that continuously produce and perish. Thus, we can conclude that every part of the change is a miniature reflection of the whole will in the human body. The whole will embodies a nonlinear movement of microcosmic matter.

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