Observation of Shen (Spirit, 精神)

(1) Shen is often understood as a general manifestation of life, consciousness, mind, thinking ability, and alertness.
(2) The eyes can provide information about the state of Shen: a clear and firm or alert expression of the eyes reflects a forceful Shen.
(3) Practitioners can evaluate the state of Shen by observation of the patient’s ability to relate appropriately to his or her environment. Communication with the patient will give information about the patient’s clarity of thinking and normal speech. Calm respiration is observed when Shen is in a good condition.
(4) The state of Shen may also be observed in the appearance of the patient’s complexion — Slightly moist, glowing, and bright being favorable, as opposed to a negative impression of a dark, dull, gray, or excessively bright complexion.
(5) A favorable condition of Shen will result in sparkling, alert, and observing eyes, a determined voice that accurately expresses clear ideas of the subject, and a body that appears strong and balanced, with fluent movements

Shen observation


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