Have you ever taken a medicated diet with invisible herbs?

Some medicated diets contain no discernible medicinal ingredients, and appear exactly similar to ordinary food. However, they are medicated diets nonetheless.

Medicated diets with invisible herbs are a form of food preparation with herbal ingredients. Certain combinations of herbs and food are unappetising in colour and taste. The herbs used are therefore wrapped with gauze during the cooking process, and the wrap and residue removed after the medicines have permeated the food.
Alternatively, the herbs may be decocted separately from the food, and the decocted liquid later blended with the cooked food based on prescribed proportions.

Preparing a medicated diet with invisible herbs
Preparation process 1:
1.Decoct the herbs and discard the residue, retaining only the medicinal liquid.
2.Cook the food separately.
3.Add the medicinal liquid into the cooked food, based on the prescribed proportions. Blend evenly.
Preparation process 2:
1.Rinse the herbs and wrap in gauze.
2.Add the herb packet to the food and cook together.
3.After cooking, remove the herb packet.
Whether in medicated diets with visible herbs or medicated diets with invisible herbs, the food draws support from the medicine’s effects, while the medicines complement the food to achieve the beneficial effects of the medicated diet.