Green Bean

Source The seed of Phaseolus radiatus L, family Leguminosae.
Producing Areas Most parts of China
Properties Sweet, Cold
Channels Heart, Stomach


  • Clears away toxic heat, summer heat and promotes diuresis
    For preventing and treating summer-heat syndrome and miliaria, and for diarrhoea of summer heat-dampness type, carbuncles, mumps, acne, edema and erysipelas.

Usage and Dosage
5 – 15g is decocted for oral use. 50 – 100g is for relieving summer heat and thirst. 250 – 500g is for eliminating toxins. Suitable amount of the powdered is used externally.

Notes Contraindicated for the case with hypofunction of the spleen and stomach with cold manifestations, and diarrhoea.

Keep in a dry place. Protect from moths.

Description of Quality Herb
The good one should be full-grained, green in colour, hard, with pale yellowish green kernel and thick cotyledons.