Source Gypsum is a plaster stone of sulfate of plaster sulfate stone group, containing mainly hydrated calcium sulfate.

Producing Areas Hubei, Anhui, Shandong, Henan, Shanxi, Gansu and Yunnan, etc.

Properties Sweet, Slightly Bitter, Slightly Cold

Channels Lung, Kidney


  • Clears heat in the qi levelFor very high fever, intense thirst, profuse sweating, big and flooding pulse, and a red tongue with a yellow coating.
  • Clears heat in the lungsFor cough and wheezing with thick yellow sputum.
  • Clears stomach fireFor inflamed and painful gums, toothache, and thirst.
  • For burns, abscesses, and eczemaCan be taken internally or applied topically for these symptoms.

Usage and Dosage

15 – 60g is used in decoction for oral use and it should be broken and decocted early. The crude one used orally is for clearing heat and purging fire. The calcined one is used externally for inducing astringency and promoting tissue regeneration.

Notes Contraindicated for patients with asthenic cold of the spleen and stomach, or interior heat due to yin deficiency.

Keep in a cool, dry place. Protect from dust.

Description of Quality Herb
The good one is white in colour, translucent, with fibrous broken surface.