Malt Sugar

Source Maltose is a white crystalline sugar formed during the fermentation of starch.

Producing Areas It is produced in many areas.

Properties Sweet, Warm

Channels Spleen, Stomach, Lung

Deficient cold in middle-jiao (spleenyang deficiency), diarrhoea (watery stool), turbidity
Stomachyin rebelling (nausea, vomiting), poor appetite, cold abdominal pain, no thirst.
For dry cough with less phlegm due to deficiency of the lung, constipation and threatened abortion.

Usage and Dosage
Should be melted when it is used in decoction, 15 – 30g each time. Or to be used in paste or in pills.

Notes Contraindicated in patient with heat and dampness stagnated inside the body, cough due to phlegm-heat and malnutrition in children.

There are soft and hard Yitang (maltose). The soft Yitang is light yellow or yellow brown, thick and strongly sticky liquid. The hard Yitang is like porous yellow white sweet cake which is made from soft Yitang. The process is described as follows: Stir the soft Yitang. Mix it with the air. After coagulating it becomes hard Yitang.

Keep in a cool dry place. Protect from moisture, dust and heat.

Description of Quality Herb
Good Yitang should be light yellow in colour thick and sticky, with pure sweet flavour.

Black Sesame and Malt Broth

Alleviates premature white hair caused by deficiency in the kidneys, and has medicinal effects on measles symptoms related to deficiency of the liver and kidneys. It moistens and revitalises the liver and kidneys, builds the blood and benefits respiration.

Black sesame (powdered) 150g, fresh liquorice root 30g, Malt sugar 150g.

1.Rinse the liquorice root and place in a pot with an adequate amount of water.
2.Simmer over a low fire for half an hour. Strain out the liquorice root.
3.Add the malt sugar to the liquid produced. When it has dissolved, add the black sesame powder, cook to a thick and sticky consistency and serve.

Malt Chicken

Beneficial to those who are suffering weakness of the body as a result of illness, are losing weight and have low heat, or who often suffer night sweats. It buildsyin, warms the spleen and stomach, reinforces qi and nourishes bone marrow.

Whole chicken 1, rehmannia root 30g, malt sugar 100g, onions, ginger, salt etc. in adequate amounts.

1.Wash and clean the chicken, and cut it open. Stuff it with the onions, ginger and other items, then pour in the malt sugar.
2.Stitch up the opening in the chicken and place it in a pot of water. Stew over a low fire until the meat becomes tender and serve.