Source The honey made by beesApis cerana Fabricius and A.mellifera L., (Fam. Apidae). Mainly containing glucose and fructose and a small amount of pollen.

Producing Areas Hubei, Guangdong, Henan, Yunnan, Jiangsu, etc.

Properties Sweet, Neutral

Channels Spleen, Lung, Large Intestines


  • Nourishes the body, moisturises the intestine and relaxes the bowels
    Oral use or as suppository for constipation occurring in the aged and the puerperants, during convalescence, and those with damage ofyin and dryness of intestine.
  • Nourishes the lung and relieves cough
    For dry cough, chronic cough due to asthenia of viscera, hemoptysis and sore throat.
  • Nourishes and strengthens the middlejiao, alleviates pain
    For abdominal pain due to spleen-deficiency, hypochondriac pain due to liver-deficiency.
  • Detoxifies
    External use for skin infections, burns and skin ulcers.

Usage and Dosage

15 – 30g is used in decoction or mixed with water for drinking. It can be used externally for pyocutaneous diseases, burns from water and fire.

Notes Be cautious in patient with fullness in the epigastric abdomen due to stagnation of dampness, stagnation of phlegm due to damp-heat, loose stool or diarrhoea.

It is a translucent, glossy and thick liquid, white to light yellow or orange yellow to yellow brown in colour. White granulated crystals will appear after it encounters low temperatures or is kept for a long time. It is very sweet and fragrant.


Keep in an airtight container. Put it in a cool dry place where the temperature is 10°C or below.

Description of Quality Herb

Good honey is thick, honey-smelling, tastes sweet and pure.

Professional Advice

The plants which are the source of honey are varied. Some honey is poisonous because of the poisonous plants. The honey cannot be used if it tastes bitter, acerbic and has a numbing effect.

When are the best times to eat honey for its medicinal effects?

  • When the acidity level of the stomach becomes too high or too low, honey can restore the pH balance. It also acts as a sedative and can improve sleep patterns.
  • Drinking a mixture of honey dissolved in warm water can reduce the production of gastric juices as well as lower their acidity. Cold honey water will stimulate the function of the gut and also acts as a laxative.
  • Those suffering from no health problems may take it 1.5 hours before meals, or 2-3 hours after.
  • Those with excessive acidity of the stomach or who are suffering from peptic ulcers should take warm honey water 1.5 hours before meals.
  • Those who have insufficient acidity or who are suffering from gastritis should take cold honey water before meals.
  • Those who are suffering from insomnia should take every night before sleeping.

 Honey and Radish Drink


Beneficial to middle-aged or elderly individuals who are suffering from acute or chronic bronchitis, whooping cough, ague, tuberculosis or related ailments. It can also help to relieve constipation.


Radish 400g, honey in an adequate amount.


1.Wash and peel the radish, and chop it finely. Wrap in clean gauze and slowly squeeze to extract the juice.

2.Add one spoonful of honey for every 60ml of radish juice, mix thoroughly and serve.

 Honeyed Walnuts


Alleviates symptoms of dyspnea and shortness of breath associated with deficiency of the lungs.


Walnuts (shelled) 1kg, honey 1000ml.


Crush the walnuts and mix evenly with the honey.