The Functions of Body Fluid

(1) The fluid moistens and nourishes the skin, muscles, internal viscera, and nine orifices, lubricates the joints, and nourishes Bone marrow and Brain marrow to ensure their normal functioning.
(2) As Body Fluid can permeate the blood vessels to become one of Blood’s basic components, it can replenish Blood. The Miraculous Pivot says, “Nutritive Qi secretes Body Fluids; these can enter the blood vessels and be transformed into Blood” .
(3) In certain cases, the body’s Qi depends on Body Fluid for its existence, movement, and transformation because Body Fluid can hold turbid Qi and waste material for excretion. Consequently, Body Fluid assists Qi transformation and transportation.
(4) Along with the Brain and the Heart, Qi and Body Fluid play an important role in information and energy transportation. The meridian system is a good example of this function.

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