The Relationship Between Qi and Blood

According to TCM, “Qi is the commander of Blood.” Qi transformation motivates Blood generation. Qi, mainly Nutritive Qi, is an ingredient of Blood. Blood deficiency is improved by combining herbal treatment with acupuncture to replenish Qi.

Qi promotes Blood circulation. To treat the syndrome of impaired Blood circulation, first regulate Qi. TCM says, “When Qi moves, Blood follows; when Qi stagnates, Blood congeals.”

Qi keeps Blood circulating within the vessels, and Spleen-Qi prevents extravasation as one of that organ’s particular functions.

“Blood is the mother of Qi.” Blood provides a residence with ample nourishment for Qi to perform its functions. Qi belongs to the more active Yang, and easily escapes. Therefore, it must attach itself to Blood or Body Fluid. Thus, Blood is a carrier of Qi. If one function becomes disordered, it usually impacts the other.

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