Fleeceflower Root

Source Fleeceflower Root is the root tuber of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb. (Fam. Polygonaceae).

Producing Areas Henan, Hubei, Guangxi, Guangdong, Guizhou, Sichuan, Jiangsu, etc.

Properties Bitter, Sweet, Bland, Warm

Channels Liver, Heart, Kidney


  • Counteracts toxicity
  • Cures carbuncles
    Carbuncles, urticaria with itching.
  • Relaxes bowels
    Constipation and hyperlipemia.

Usage and Dosage
10 – 15g crude Heshouwu or 12 – 30g of the prepared herb can be used in decoction, in pills or powder. Or used as decocted paste or soaked in spirit. The prepared is for enriching the essence and blood. The crude is for preventing recurrence of malaria, pyocutaneous disease, eliminating toxic material and moistening the intestine.

Notes Use with caution for diarrhoea or for patients with severe dampness-phlegm.

It is shaped like a spindle or round block, slightly curved, 5 – 15cm long, 4 – 10cm in diameter. Its surface is reddish brown, uneven, with irregular longitudinal grooves, dense wrinkles. It is tough and heavy. The broken surface is light yellow brown or light reddish brown and powdery. There are 4 – 11 circle-like clusters of fibre tubes on the skin part, called Yunjing texture. It is light in nature. The flavour is sweet, astringent and slightly bitter.

Professional Advice

The roots of Yiliao (Pteroxygonum giraldii Dammer et Diels) and Maomailiao (Polygonum cillinerve (Nakai) Ohwi) are used as Heshouwu in some places. Neither of them has Yunjing Texture.

Keep in a dry place. Protect it from mould and moths.
Description of Quality Herb
Good Heshouwu is heavy, solid and powdery, reddish brown in colour with obvious Yunjing texture.

Fleeceflower Congee

This dish is beneficial to sufferers of osteoporosis associated with deficiency in the kidneys.

Fleeceflower root 30g, japonica rice 100g, dates 3, rock sugar to taste.

1.Cook the fleeceflower root in water to obtain its essence, and strain out the dregs.
2.Place the japonica rice, dates and rock sugar in the fleeceflower essence, and top up with water if needed.
3.Cook as congee and serve.

Fleeceflower Egg

Nourishes the liver and kidneys, benefits the blood and staves off premature aging.

Fleeceflower root 100g,eggs 2, onions, fresh ginger, salt, cooking wine, lard to taste.

1.Rinse and slice the fleeceflower root. Wash the eggs.
2.Place the eggs and fleeceflower root in a pot with sufficient water, then add the seasonings.
3.Bring to a rolling boil, then heat over a low fire until the eggs are cooked. Take the eggs out of the pot and remove their shells. Put them back in the pot and cook for another 2 minutes, then serve.