Donkey-Hide Gelatin

Source Donkey hide stewed and concentrated as gelatinous masses, of Equus asinus L., (Fam. Equidae).

Producing Areas Shandong, Zhejiang, etc.

Properties Bitter, Sweet, Bland, Warm

Channels Liver, Heart, Kidney


  • Enriches blood and stops bleeding
    For blood-deficiency with sallow complexion, dizziness and palpitation; for asthenia-syndrome manifested as various types of bleeding, such as haemoptysis, haematemesis, haemafecia, haematuria, metrorrhagia.
  • Regulates menstruation and soothes the foetus
    For blood-deficiency syndrome manifested as menoxenia, anaemia, and threatened abortion.
  • Nourishes yin and moisturises the lungs
    For febrile diseases with consumption of yin oryin-deficiency with fire-hyperactivity manifested as vexation and insomnia; insufficiency of yin-blood with muscular spasm; dryness of the lung with cough and thirst. For constipation in the aged or in women due to deficiency of blood and qi after childbirth.

Usage and Dosage
For decoction, 5 – 15g is used after melting and mixing with water. To stop bleeding, Pearls of Ejiao are usually used.

Notes Use with caution for patient with deficiency of the stomach, loose stools and yellow thick-coated tongue.

Ejiao is rectangle or square in shape, about 8.5cm long, about 0.7cm or 1.5cm thick. The surface is brown black or black brown, smooth and glossy. It is brittle. Its broken surface is in the same colour as its surface. The fragment is light and translucent, with a brown tint. The flavour is slightly sweet, with a slightly fishy smell.

Professional Advice
Xin Ejiao is made of the stewed skin of pig. The surface is brown. The broken surface is not glossy. It is not translucent to light.

Keep in cool and dry place. Protect it from moisture and heat.

Description of Quality Herb
Good Ejiao is crisp, translucent and even-coloured, with no smell and a glossy broken surface, and should not become soft in the summer.

Egg Soup with Donkey-Hide Gelatin

This dish replenishes the blood and has a sedative effect on the foetus. It is beneficial to those who suffer a lack of yin in the blood.

Donkey-hide gelatin 10g, egg 1, salt to taste

1.Dissolve the gelatin in 1 bowl of water. Beat the egg separately.
2.Stir the egg into the dissolved gelatin and cook until it forms fine strands. Add salt and serve.

Pork Soup with Ginseng and Donkey-Hide Gelatin

It has an outstanding nourishing effect on qi and blood and is beneficial to those who are suffering deficiency of qi and blood in the early stages of pregnancy.

Ginseng 9g, donkey-hide gelatin 12g, lean pork 100g.

1.Place all ingredients in a stewpot with an adequate amount of water, and cover.
2.Stew over a low fire for 2 – 3 hours. Divide the soup into two portions and take separately, hot.

Tips for a Healthy Life
Those who are have a cold or fever, or are suffering blood fever and uterine bleeding should avoid this dish.