Longan Aril

Source Flesh of the Longan Fruit is the aril of Dimocarpus Longan Lour (Fam. Sapindaceae).

Producing Areas Guangxi, Fujian, etc.

Properties Sweet, Warm

Channels Heart, Spleen


  • Tonifies the heart and the spleen and nourishes the blood
    Cardiac palpitation, anaemia.
  • Tranquillises the mind
    Forgetfulness due to deficiency ofqi and blood.

Usage and Dosage
9 – 15g or up to 30 – 60g is used in decoction, or for chewing. It also can be used as decocted paste.

Notes Be cautious in patient with phlegm-heat and dampness and fullness in the middle energiser.

The shape is like an irregular block or cylinder, 1 – 1.5cm long, 2 – 4cm wide, about 0.1cm thick. Its surface is brown or yellow brown, translucent, with wrinkles. The internal surface is glossy with fine longitudinal wrinkles. It is soft, moist and sticky with weak fragrance and sweet flavour. The vacuum-dried one is harder and lighter in colour.

Keep in a cool, well-ventilated and dry place. Protect it from mould, moisture, moths and mice.

Description of Quality Herb
Good Longyanrou is thick in size, soft, moist, brown and strongly sweet.

Mutton Soup with Red Dates and Longan

This soup is beneficial to those who suffer from anaemia and uneasiness of the mind. It nourishes the spleen and replenishes vital energy, and has a tranquillising effect on the mind.

Mutton 750g, longan aril 30g,pilose asiabell root 15g, red dates 10, fresh ginger 4 pieces, salt and cooking wine to taste.

1.Wash and slice the mutton, and fry lightly with the ginger.
2.Rinse the longans, asiabell and dates, and place in a pot with the mutton. Add an adequate amount of water and bring to a rolling boil, then simmer over a low fire for 3 hours. Season to taste and serve.

Tips for a Healthy Life
Those who are feverish or heaty, with a lack oí yin, should avoid this dish.

Longan and White Fungus Dessert

Nourishes the blood, has a cooling effect on the body and tranquillises the mind.

White fungus 10g, longan aril 10g, dates 5, rock sugar to taste.

1.Soak the white fungus in warm water until it expands, and shred loosely. Rinse the longan and dates and shred as well.
2.Add the rock sugar and steam for 1 hour.