Tortoise Shell and Plastron

Source Tortoise Shell is the carapace and plastron ofChinemys reevesii Gray (Fam. Emydidae).

Producing Areas Zhejiang, Hunan, Anhui and Jiangsu, etc.

Properties Salty, Sweet, Slightly Cold

Channels Liver, Kidney, Heart

yin and subdues the overflowing of yang
Consumptive fever and night sweating due to deficiency inyin, forgetfulness.

  • Replenishes the kidney and strengthens the bones
    Vertigo and tremors, weakness in legs.
  • For delayed closure of fontanel in infants, delayed teeth growing and walking.
  • For metrorrhagia, metrostaxis, dysmenorrhoea due to deficiency ofyin and heatiness in the blood.
  • For procutaneous disease, blurred or declining vision due to deficiency of the liver and kidney.

Usage and Dosage
Break 10 – 30g Guijia and decoct it for oral use. Or it is used in pills, powder or paste. The crude one is for dizziness. The roasted is for haemoptysis due to asthenic heat, weakness of feet and knees, night sweating due to hectic fever, metrorrhagia, metrostaxis, swelling and soreness due to haemorrhoids. It is ground after burning for external use.

Notes Contraindicated for pregnant women or those with cold-dampness in the stomach.

  • Plastron: It is board-shaped, 6.4 – 21cm long, 5 – 17cm wide, about 5mm thick. Its 12 shield-like pieces are joined together symmetrically. The outside surface is light yellow brown to black brown, with radiated texture. The internal surface is yellow white.
  • Carapace: It has a long oval shape and is arched. The surface is brown to black brown with three keel edges. There are 1 neck-shield, 5 spine-shields, 8 symmetrical rib-shields, 11 side-shields and 2 buttock-shields. It is slightly fishy and salty.

Keep in a dry place. Prevent moths.

Professional Advice
The fakes are from other species in the same family. Their shapes, colours and texture are quite different from the real one.

Description of Quality Herb
Good Xuejia is big in size, integrated and clean, without rotten meat attached.

Tortoise Soup with Chinese Yam and Pearl Barley

Turtle meat nourishes the blood and is beneficial toyin, while Chinese yam and pearl barley build the liver, benefit the kidneys and hydrate the body. This dish is suitable for those suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, ascitis, bloating of the limbs or lower limbs, difficulty in urination, loss of appetite or low white blood cell count.

Chinese yam 20 – 30g, pearl barley 15g, tangerine peel to taste, tortoise 1, approximately 500g (the upper and lower shell should be broken), lean pork 100g.

Cook all the ingredients together as a thin congeelike soup. Add salt to taste before serving.

Tortoiseshell and Chicken Bone Soup with Walnut Kernels

This dish boosts vital essence and is highly beneficial toqi in the kidneys.

Tortoiseshell 30g, shin bone of black chicken 2, walnut kernels 10, salt to taste.

1.Crack the tortoiseshell and chicken bones, and place in a pot with an adequate amount of water. Stew over a low fire for approximately 2 hours.
2.Add the walnut kernels and salt and continue to stew until the walnut kernels become soft. Add more salt to taste and serve