Forest Frog’s Oviduct

Source Xuege is the dry oviduct of female wood frog (Rana temporaria chensinensis David) in north China.

Producing Areas Helongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, etc.

Properties Sweet, Salty, Mild in Nature

Channels Lung, Spleen


  • Invigorates the kidneys and benefit the essence, nourishes yin and moistens the lungs
  • For night sweating due to deficiency ofyin, cough and spitting of blood, it is used with white jellyfungus and rock sugar.
  • For neurasthenia, it is used with bird’s nest.
  • For palpitation, insomnia, weakness, night sweating and tiredness.
  • For cough and haemoptysis due to asthenia of viscera, it is used with Muer or Hajie, Ginseng, Shudihuang, Hutao.

Usage and Dosage
5 – 15g is stewed or steamed after soaking in water for eating, or in pills or powder.

Notes Be cautious in the case with the early stage syndrome of pathogenic factors and loose stools.

It is formed by irregularly and mutually overlapped thick blocks, 1.5 – 2cm long, 1.5 – 5cm thick. The surface is yellowish white with gloss, sometimes with grey white membrane-like dry skin. It is slippery and soapy. The flavour is slightly sweet, with fishy smell. Its volume can expand by up to 10 – 15 times after soaking in water.

Professional Advice
Ways of Processing Xuege:
1.Stew it, by itself or with other medicinal material, until it becomes translucent. Add some rock sugar.
2.Boil it with Yiner, add some rock sugar and cook over low heat for paste.
3.Put Xuege, Yanwo and rock sugar in a steaming pot, stew it until the material in the pot becomes thick soup.

Keep in a cool, dry place after making it airtight. It is vulnerable to moths and mould and its oil easily seeps out.

Description of Quality Herb
Good Xuege is large and thick in size, yellowish white in colour, glossy and without membrane, blood vessels and ova.

Chicken Soup with Frog Oviduct, Lotus Seed and Red Dates

Chicken replenishes the vital energy while frog oviduct replenishes the kidneys and lungs and improves the complexion. Red dates build the spleen and dissolve phlegm.

Frog oviduct 19g, lotus seeds 57g, red dates (pits removed) 12, 1 whole spring chicken, ginger 4 pieces, salt to taste.

1.Wash and clean the chicken. Cut it into two halves and blanch in boiling water. Rinse the red dates and lotus seeds.
2.Soak the frog oviduct, rinse and blanch in boiling water.
3.Fill a pot with enough water for 15 bowls. Bring to a boil and add all the ingredients. Boil for 20 minutes, then slowly cook over a low fire for 2 hours. When done, add salt and serve.

Bird’s Nest Stewed with White Fungus and Forest Frog’s Oviduct

Nourishes the lungs, improves the complexion and improves the immunity system. It is recommended for those suffering breathlessness, dry cough and spontaneous sweats.

Forest frog’s oviduct 3g, bird’s nest 3g, white fungus (white jellyfungus) 3g, rock sugar 20g.


  1. Soak the bird’s nest, forest frog’s oviduct and white fungus in warm water until they expand.
  2. Place all three ingredients in a stewing bowl and add enough boiling water to fill 7/10 of the bowl. Place the stewing bowl in a pot and add enough water to reach halfway up the side of the pot. Double-boil over a strong fire for 20 minutes, then
  3. change to low heat and continue to stew for 1 hour. Add the rock sugar, stew for a further 30 minutes and serve.