Tokay Gecko

Source Tokay is the body (with internal organs removed) ofGekko gecko L., (Fam. Gekkonkiae).

Producing Areas Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan, etc.

Properties Salty, Neutral

Channels Lung, Kidney


  • Invigorates the lung and kidney, improves inspiration and relieves dyspnea
    For deficiency of the lungs and kidneys with cough and dyspnea; consumptive disease with cough and haemoptysis; kidney-deficiency with impotence and frequent micturition.

Usage and Dosage
1 – 2g is used in pills or powder 3 times a day. Or soak it in spirit for drinking.

Notes Contraindicated for those suffering from wind-cold syndrome or heaty cough.

It resembles a thin board. The head and trunk is 9 – 18cm long. The abdomen and back is 6 – 11cm wide. Its tail is 6 – 12cm long. Its head is triangular with two hole-like eyes and small teeth growing from the edge of the jaw. The lips are semicircular, covered by scales which do not reach the edge of the nostrils. The abdomen and back are oval. The back is grey black or silver grey with yellowish white, grey green or brick red spots. The spine and ribs stick out. There are 5 toes on each of the 4 feet. Except for the first toes of the two front feet, there are hook toenails on the toes. Under the toes, there are suckers. Its tail is thin and solid with unapparent joints and 6 – 7 apparent silver-grey rings. It is densely covered by circle or polygon-shaped small scales with purple brown wart-like scales scattered. It smells fishy. The flavour is slightly salty.

Keep in a well-ventilated and dry place. Protect it from mould, moisture and moths.

Description of Quality Herb
Good Gejie has a large size, long and thick tail and is free of moths or mould.

Professional Advice

  1. Xiao Gejie is under 20cm long. The scales on its lips reach its nostrils.
  2. Da Gejie is above 34cm long. There is a sharp hooked toenail on each toe.

Ginseng and Gecko Congee

Replenishes the lungs and kidneys, reinforces the vital energy and relieves dyspnea. It is suitable for those who are suffering chronic bronchitis associated with deficiency of the lungs and kidneys.

Powdered dried gecko 2g, powdered ginseng 3g, glutinous rice 50 – 100g.

1.Cook a thin gruel with the glutinous rice.
2.While the congee is hot, add the powdered geckc and ginseng, stir well and serve.

Gecko Glutinous Rice Balls

Replenishes the lungs, reinforces the spleen and relieves shortness of breath. It is suitable for alleviating wheeziness of the bronchial tubes.

Powdered dried gecko 25g, glutinous rice 200g.


  1. Rinse the glutinous rice and bake until dry and puffy.
  2. Mix with the powdered gecko, add a suitable amount of water and sugar to taste. Roll into balls and steam until done.