The 15 Collaterals(十五脉络)

  • Each of the 12 regular meridians has one collateral branching out from a point called the “Luo-connecting point” on the four limbs.
  • The Spleen has major collaterals distributing on the side of the trunk.
  • Also, the Du and Ren meridians have their collaterals respectively. The Du collateral distributes on the back and the Ren on the abdomen.
  • Each of the collaterals has a Luo-connecting point pertaining to the meridian from which it derives.
  • The 12 regular collaterals run to Biao-Li related meridians mutually.
  • They run superficially in the body and have many smaller branches and sub-branches called Minute Collaterals figure and Floating Collaterals figure.
  • Function: to strengthen the association of meridians and transport Qi and blood to the body surface.

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