Acupoint Location Methods

(1) Proportional measurements:

  • The body parts are divided into definite proportional equal units (Cun, a measurement unit in Chinese) for locating points, regardless of the person’s gender, age, and body size.
  • It was called Gu Du Fa (figure, Bone measurement Method) in ancient times and first recorded in, “Gu Du,” of The Miraculous Pivot.

(2) Anatomical landmarks:

  • Fixed landmarks: sense organs, hairline, eyebrows, nails, umbilicus, prominence or depression/groove of bones.
  • Moving landmarks: skin creases, muscle bulge or depression, aperture of joints, etc.

(3) Finger-length measurements:

(a) Middle finger measurement.
(b) Thumb measurement.
(c) Four-finger measurement: Yi Fu Fa figure.

(4)Simple, fast methods: based on experience, such as locating LU 7, GB 31, or LR 13.


(a) The above-mentioned methods should be used comprehensively, to ensure accuracy of a point location.
(b) Choose the most applicable method.
(c) As a practitioner, you must compensate for the difference of measurement between your own finger length and your patient’s.

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