Five Shu/Transporting Points (五输穴)

Known in the West as the “Five-Element Points”:

Jing-Well figureQi departs.

Ying-Spring figureQi gushes.

Shu-Stream figureQi pours through.

Jing-River figureQi pours abundantly.

He-Sea figureQi enters inward or runs deeply and broadly like a river flowing into the sea.

Situated between the fingers or toes and elbows or knees, the five Shu points represent the flow of Qi like a river, emerging like a spring at the Jing-well points and gradually growing in breadth and depth until it reaches the he-sea points.

The Qi flow through the five Shu points is different in direction from the cyclical Qi flow of the 12 meridians.

The progression through the five Shu points (from distal to proximal) corresponds to the generating cycle of the Five Elements, i.e. on Yin meridians: wood (Well) → fire (Ying) → earth (Shu) → metal (Jing) → water (He); on Yang meridian: metal (Well) → water (Ying) → wood (Shu) → fire (Jing) → earth (He).

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