Lalang Grass and Mulberry Congee

Clears up heat from the lungs, soothes the muscles, regulates urination as well as the functions of the intestines and stomach. It is recommended for those with yellow urine, excessive urination and joint ache.

Lalang grass rhizome 10–15 g, mulberry twig 10–20 g, pearl rice 100 g.

1.Rinse the herbs and soak in cold water for 30 minutes.
2.Decoct the herbs for 1–2 hours. Strain out the dregs.
3.Wash the pearl rice and place in a pot with an adequate amount of water. Add the herbal liquid and cook as congee.

Tips for a Healthy Life
Decoction time may be extended to 2–3 hours to reduce the cooling effect of this dish and minimise hurt to the intestines and stomach. For stronger curative effects, decoct the herbs for a longer time. 15–30 g of Kudzuvine Root may be added to enhance the effects of this dish.