Agrimony and Adsuki Bean Congee

Clears up heat and detoxifies, strengthens the spleen and removes dampness through diuresis, astringes and stops bleeding. It is recommended for the physically frail and those with edema or scanty urine.

Agrimony 15–30 g, adsuki bean 30 g, pearl barley 30 g, red dates 6–10 (with the pits removed), sugar to taste.

1.Rinse the pearl barley and adsuki bean and soak in cold water for approximately 6 hours.
2.Wrap the agrimony in gauze and place the packet in a pot with the other ingredients.
3.Add an adequate amount of water and cook until the beans are soft. Remove the agrimony. Add sugar to taste.

Tips for a Healthy Life
Not suitable for those with weak kidneys or frequent and profuse urination. Those with a deficiency of qi and blood, or who suffer from fatigue and lethargy, may add pilose asiabell root, processed rehmannia root or longan aril to taste.