Yuan (Primary, Original, or Source) Points(原穴)

This group of points refers to the places where the Yuan Qi (also called primary-, original-, source-, or vital-Qi) resides, surfaces, and lingers. Each of the 12 meridians has a Yuan Primary Point which is located on the limbs near the wrist or ankle joints. In the Yin meridians, Yuan points overlap with Shu-Stream points.

They are LU 9, LI 4, ST 42, SP 3, HT 7, SI 4, BL 64, KI 3, PC 7, SJ 4, GB 40, LR 3.


Actions of the Yuan Points:

  • Yin meridian points: fundamental in tonifying and regulating their respective Zang organs.
  • Yang meridian points: mainly to dispel various excess pathogenic factors and to treat disorders along the pathway of their respective meridians.
  • Clinical use: to diagnose and treat diseases of relevant Zang-Fu organs.

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