Pig’s Stomach Soup with Nutmeg and Pepper

Warms the stomach and strengthens the spleen. It can relieve bloatedness of the stomach, pain due to coldness and lack of warmth at the limbs.

Nutmeg kernel 6-10 g, white pepper 3-6 g, pig’s stomach.

1.Clean the pig’s stomach thoroughly. Pound the nutmeg kernel and white pepper, and insert them into the pig’s stomach.
2.Place the pig’s stomach in a pot with an adequate amount of water and stew for 2-3 hours until the stomach is tender.
3.Remove the nutmeg and pepper from the pig’s stomach. Cut the pig’s stomach into slices. Drink the soup and consume the pig’s stomach.

Tips for a Healthy Life
May add half a chicken to enhance flavour. Not suitable for those who are heaty. Do not use more than 10 g of the nutmeg kernel as it may cause heatlness. Over-consumption of this dish may result in xerostomia (dry mouth) or sore throat.