Doubleteeth Pubescent Angelica Root

Source Doubleteeth Pubescent Angelica Root is the dried root of Angelica pubescens Maxim. f. biserrata Shan. et Yuan, (Fam Umbelliferae.)

Producing Areas Hubei and Sichuan, etc.

Properties Bitter, Spicy, Warm

Channels Kidney, Bladder


  • Dispels wind-cold-dampness in the case of Bi syndrome
    For pain in the knees and lower back, as well as chronic or acute aches and pains in the extremities and joints. This herb is best for treating aches and pain in the lower part of the body. May be combined with largeleaf gentian root (qinjiao) and Chinese clematis root (weilingxian).
  • Treats deficiency of the liver and kidney in the case of prolonged Bi syndrome
    For joint pain, muscle ache and pain. May be combined with Chinese taxillus twig (sangjisheng), eucommia bark (duzhong) and rehmannia root (dihuang).
  • Dispels wind-cold manifested as common cold and influenza with severe chill
    For headache, chills, fever, heavy sensation. In the case of yin-cold, may be used with Manchurian wild ginger (xixin), Szechuan lovage rhizome (chuanxiong), crude rehmannia root (shengdi) etc.
  • Dispels wind-heat manifested in toothache
    Treats toothache or headache of lesser yin stage. May be used with danpi, red peony root (chishao), gypsum (shengshigao), rehmannia root (dihuang) etc.

Usage and Dosage
3–9 g of the crude is used in decoction for oral use or applied externally.

Use with caution in the case of yin-deficiency with dryness of the blood.

Keep in a dry place. Protect from mould and moths.

Description of Quality Herb
The good one is oily moist, with stout root and strong fragrance.