Back-Shu Points (Associated Points of the Back)(背腧穴)

The 12 Back-Shu points are the sites where the Qi of the respective Zang-Fu organs is infused on the back.

They lie 1.5 cun lateral to the midline (Du Meridian) along the Bladder Meridian on the back.

Each point is named after its corresponding internal organ, followed by the word “Shu” implying that the Qi is “transported” to the point.

The points are situated roughly at the same anatomical level as their related Zang-Fu organs.

12 Zang-Fu Back-Shu

BL 13 Feishu (LU) BL 16 Dushu (DU)
BL 14 Jueyinshu (PC) BL 17 Geshu (diaphragm)
BL 15 Xinshu (HT) BL 24 Qihaishu (sea of Qi)
BL 18 Ganshu (LR) BL 26 Guanyuanshu (gate of yuan Qi)
BL 19 Danshu (GB) BL 29 Zhonglushu (midspine)
BL 20 Pishu (SP) BL 30 Baihuanshu (white ring)
BL 21 Weishu (ST) BL 43 Gaohuangshu (vital region)
BL 22 Sanjiaoshu (SJ)
BL 23 Shenshu (KI)
BL 25 Dachangshu (LI)
BL 27 Xiaochangshu (SI)
BL 28 Pangguangshu (BL)

Clinical applications: diagnose and treat the diseases of the corresponding Zang–Fu organs.

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