Front-Mu Points (Alarm Points) (募穴)

Mu” means “to gather or collect.”

The 12 Front-Mu points are situated on the chest and abdomen, near the anatomical location of the corresponding Zang-Fu organs.

The points are the places where the Qi of the respective Zang-Fu organs is infused and converges.

There are 12 Front-Mu points:

LU 1: Lung ST 25: Large Intestine
RN 17: pericardium RN 5: San Jiao
RN 14: Heart RN 4: Small intestine
LR 13: Spleen RN 12: Stomach
GB 25: Kidney RN 3: Bladder
LR 14: Liver GB 24: Gall Bladder

Clinical applications: Diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the corresponding internal organs.

Back-Shu and Front-Mu points are often combined in clinical practice.

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