Restoring the Functions of the Zang–Fu Organs

Since the human body is an organic whole, the physiological functions of the Zang- and Fu-viscera are coordinated following the Yin–Yang and Five Elements principles. Zang–Fu diseases are treated by adjusting interrelationships while considering the Zang–Fu as a whole. Fei (figure, Lung system) problems may be caused by diseases of the Xin (figure, Heart system), Gan (figure, Liver system), and Large Intestine, as well as by diseases of the Fei), but usually by multiple causes. The first step looks for Yang deficiency and, if needed, use the “support the Yang” treatment. The second step cleans an exit of the Fei according to the Five Elements principle, going through the back side down to the Shen (figure, Kidney system).

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