Finding and Eliminating the Stagnation of Qi, Blood, and Body Fluid

Compared what sunlight, air, and water do for the Earth with what Qi, blood, and water do for the human body. TCM research and development pays great attention to the intangible body or energy system. It shows that all diseases, including cancer and AIDS, come from the stasis of Qi, blood, or body fluid. Therefore every treatment should promote circulation and eliminate stagnation. All pathological factors cause stasis of Qi, blood, or body fluid; and all Yin–Yang imbalances result in the stasis of Qi, blood, or body fluid and obstructed circulation. In new research and clinical practices, important Qi movements are called “Great circulation” figure, where Ren figure and Du figure meridians move vertically, and “Small Circulation,” where the three Jiaos move horizontally figure — this includes the Qi of five viscera circulation . The most important location is where the bladder meridian moves within the big space between the spine and the viscera in the back. Qi from every viscus meet, mix, collide, and interreact there. About 2000 years ago, the famous medical sage Zhang Zhongjing emphasized this area.

As stated above, the circulating motion of Qi is the basis for the body’s vital activity. When the motion is disordered, there is illness; when the motion stops, there is death. As doctors, our task is to find the main stasis, release it efficiently, and reinvigorate the Qi circulation.

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