Pathology and Therapy Principle

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  1. The Basic Principles in Chinese Yangshengshu
  2. Summary

Research has recognized that the body’s energy field greatly influences man’s health. This is because it influences the energy movement in the body, which is simple and strictly follows the diffusion theory of physics, which states that diffusion occurs from higher concentration areas into lower concentration areas.

The four energy situations of the cells with the environment
The four energy situations of the cells with the environment

(1) Cell stases due to highly condensed energy outside of space. (2) Cell opening to radiate energy to outside space. (3) Cell absorbing energy from outside. (4) Cell returns to the normal active state after energy exchange.

If the density of the energy field in the space outside the organ is too high, the energy existing inside cells cannot be emitted to the outside space, because the diffusion theory of physics would not allow that to happen. If the energy cannot be emitted out, the cells would not open properly, which in turn would cause the stagnation of energy and the retention of damp as well as the heat inside cells or organs. Further, this may cause the inflammation and/or even the mutation of cells, eventually developing into cancers. If the density of the energy field in the space outside the organ is too low, it is easy for the cells to emit energy to the space, but it is difficult to absorb energy from the space. This would result in loss or lack of energy and the organ showing weakness and low functionality. This theory is a new development of human body science.

The therapeutic techniques of Yangshengshu, such as exercise, self-healing, acupuncture, or some herb prescriptions can change the energy pressure of body space to promote lucidity ascending and turbidity descending, and use the energy radiation of cell colonies as a dynamic force to wholly improve human function and the condition of health. By the Yangshengshu treatment, the pressure and consistency difference of body space energy are increased to form a sharp contrast between void and solid, which further reach an “extreme solid and extreme void” state to induce energy movement with high speed, strong collision among cells, and great change in the energy field. As a result, energy circulation becomes smooth, and the human body returns to its normal condition. With similar principles, the practice of meditation can also help people in a similar way. For example: how to help patients with liver problems? According to the theory and healing methodology of Yangshengshu, if something is wrong (usually caused by energy stagnation) in the Liver, the Liver will not be treated directly. Instead, the stagnating energy in the space (the high-energy zone) around the Liver will be cleaned. But Yangshengshu has recognized that the stagnating energy around the Liver is a potential dynamic energy, that after or during its movement might be able to generate a kind of promoting force to exert the following beneficial effects: (1) promoting and activating the cells around the Heart, described as “Wood (Liver) can produce Fire (Heart),” so the harmful energy around the Liver will be utilized at the same time to supply the Heart; (2) promoting the movement of the diaphragm, which plays an important role in the adjustment of lucidity ascending and turbidity descending; (3) enhancing Liver function, which further promotes the returning circulation of hepatic portal veins. Therefore, Yangshengshu can intelligently and fully utilize the dynamic energy produced by adjusting the energy stagnation. With similar therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, and meditation can also play an important role in health improvement.

Therefore, life is simply the activation, circulation, and exchange of energy. If the movement of energy stops, the life will end; if the movement of energy is stagnating in some parts, these parts of the body will get ill. The most original reason for illness is not the infection of microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses, but energy stagnation. The infection of viruses is a result of energy stagnation for a period of time. For example, at the early stage of Lung infection diseases there is no microorganism existing in the Lung, but the density of energy in the chest space is abnormally high and the energy inside lung cells is stagnating. If this condition persists, microorganisms will appear because there is heat with moisture condition. Yangshengshu encourages early diagnosis to find the energy stagnation in the lung before the microorganism appears and heals it. So, it finds and treats the patients earlier than conventional medicine. It is a holistic strategy with emphasis on a preventing and self-healing strategy. In most cases, Yangshengshu does not directly attack the abnormal organs or parts like allopathic medicine except when it is an emergency or necessary, but adjusts the whole body to reinforce the energy circulation and to disperse the energy stagnation in the abnormal area.

The Basic Principles in Chinese Yangshengshu

Chinese philosophy suggests that humans and nature should be one unit — “Unity of All.” All things in nature are closely related, and affect each other. Qi energy and information are shared by all matter. Humanity is capable of controlling energy and information, and of using them as a tool to treat diseases, achieve health, and attain longevity. Traditional Chinese Medicine methods are based on the understanding that humans should actively adjust themselves to follow universal law, and exchange energy and information with nature, with other people, and with everything else through virtue and Qi.

One’s goodwill and contribution to the universe is rewarded with positive energy and information. The Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor urges “opening the heart to preserve the spirit” . When man’s heart is open, his body energy and information is kept in balance and improved, diseases can be prevented or overcome, and health and longevity can be attained. Clearly, patients control the process, and it is they who should actively treat or prevent illness. Doctors assist patients by activating body energy to achieve balance and attain health. This principle applies to all situations for both doctors and patients.

These theories were systematically recorded long ago in The Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor and other traditional Chinese literature on philosophy, religion, etc., and are considered an important aspect of traditional Eastern Culture. Contemporary Chinese medical scientists carry on the essence of traditional Chinese Culture and summarize key methods simply and practically:

(1)Both doctors and patients should respect and be kind to all natural things and all people. By practicing this “virtue” standard, one may receive positive energy from the universe to overcome disease, preserve health, and attain longevity.

(2)To cultivate virtue, one must build character, through moral thought and conduct; must regulate excitement, anger, worry, hatred, sadness, and fear, by keeping an open, peaceful mind; and must strive to remain in the state of virtue and tranquility.

(3)Release all complaints, hatred, and revenge. Try to understand and forgive all people and all matters, especially your past enemies whom you thought you would never forgive. Only by turning anger and hate into care and love, and by constantly striving to correct mistakes, is one able to dispel negative (vicious) energy and attain a powerful immune system.

(4)Deeply regret any mistakes and wrongdoings; harmonize with the surrounding people and environment, even the creatures and plants. Be grateful to all who have helped and be indebted forever.

(5)Aspire to ambitious goals to make greater contributions to humanity, society, and the universe.


Oriental Medicine has learned due to an advantage gained from the technology of CWM. Western medicine still can gain much from Oriental Medicine and concepts of health, its enhancement, protection, preventions, and preservation. An often-quoted teaching of Chinese medicine is that “the wise physician cures disease before it is manifested, rather than after it is manifested and detectible by instruments.” The Classic reads, “Hence the sages did not emphasize treating those who were already manifestly ill; they instructed those who had not yet developed tangible symptoms. Administering medicine mainly for already observable disease is comparable to digging a well after one becomes thirsty, or building weaponry after one is already engaged in battle. Would these actions not be too late?” . Yangshengshu is an ideal way to maintain the body, mind, and spirit, and achieve optimal health.