What are sliced herbs?

Chinese medical theory often refers to sliced herbs or zhongyao yinpian . What exactly are sliced herbs?

Sliced herbs or zhongyao yinpian  refers to Chinese medicinal herbs in small pieces or slices, made after suitable processing based on the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). They can be used directly in the prescriptions given in a TCM clinical diagnosis. Zhongyao yinpian zhong yao cai  and zhong cheng yao  form the three main pillars of the TCM industry.

Zhong yao cai  is the raw material of zhongyao yinpian . The former is processed to be made into the latter. Raw herbs that have not gone through the standard purification process may not be used directly as medicines. As for zhongyao yinpian, it makes up the raw material of zhong cheng yao .

After diagnosis, the prescription of zhongyao yinpian is administered based on the needs of the individual.