Rehmannia Black Chicken

Replenishes essence, nourishes the brain and viscera, and benefits memory. It is recommended for those suffering from giddiness and tinnitus, memory loss, aches of the knees and lower back, lethargy, lack of energy and related ailments.

Black chicken 1 (approximately 1000g), fresh rehmannia root 30g, processed rehmannia root 10 – 20g, manyflower solomonseal rhizome 20 – 30g.

1.Pluck and clean the chicken.
2.Rinse the rehmannia root and cut into strips. Stuff the chicken with the sliced root.
3.Steam the whole chicken over a low fire until the meat is tender.

Tips for a Healthy Life
Processed rehmannia root is warm in nature, and those with a dry and hot constitution may use less or not include it in the dish at all.