Himalayan Teasel Root

Himalayan Teasel Root is the dried root ofDipsacus asper Wall., (Family Dipsacaceae).

Producing Areas
Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, Guizhou, etc.
The herb produced in Hubei or Sichuan is the best.
The most heavily harvested Xudan are from Hubei.

Properties Bitter, Spicy, Slightly Warm

Channels Kidney, Liver


  • Invigorates the liver and kidney, strengthens the bone and muscle, expels wind-dampness
    For deficiency of the liver and kidney manifested as backache, knee aching and rheumatism, and trauma.
  • Regulates blood flow, stops vaginal bleeding and calms the foetus
    For metrorrhagia and threatened abortion due to deficiency of the liver and kidney.

Usage and Dosage
9 – 15g is used in decoction for oral use, or in pills or powder.

  • Crude Xuduan: ForBi-pain due to wind-dampness, swelling and pains due to trauma.
  • Stir-baked Xuduan: For emission and threatened abortion, nourishing the liver and kidney to soothe the foetus and stop bleeding.

Notes Contraindicated for patient with heat-Bi due to wind-dampness.

It is shaped like a long cylinder, slightly flat and curved, 5 – 15cm long, 0.5 – 2cm in diameter. The surface is brown or grey brown with many apparent and twisted longitudinal wrinkles and grooves. There are crosswise long pores and some marks of fibrous roots on the surface too. It becomes hard after dr ying. The broken surface is irregular. The skin part is green brown or pale brown while the wooden part is yellow brown with radial texture. It is slightly fragrant, with bitter, sweet and astringent flavour.

Keep in a dry place. Protect it from moths.

Description of Quality Herb
Good Xuduan is thick in size, soft and easily broken, with dark green broken surface.

Black Bean and Teasel Congee

Effects This dish is recommended to stop uterine bleeding and habitual abortion related to deficiency of the kidneys.

Teasel root 30g, black beans 30g, glutinous rice 60g.

1.Rinse the teasel root, black beans and glutinous rice. Wrap the teasel in a gauze packet. Place all ingredients in a pot.
2.Add 700ml of water and bring to a boil over a strong fire, then simmer over a low fire to obtain a thin gruel.

Himalayan Teasel Mutton

Effects Replenishes kidney yang, strengthens the loins, improves the blood, lungs and the viscera. It is beneficial to elderly who suffer deficiency of blood andqi.

Mutton 200g, cistanche 12g, teasel root 12g, aniseed, fresh ginger and salt to taste.


  1. Wash the mutton and cut into pieces. Place in a pot with an adequate amount of water. Add 3g of green beans and boil for 15 minutes, then remove the water and the beans. This will get rid of the meat’s odour.
  2. Add fresh water, cistanche, teasel and seasonings, and simmer over a low fire until the meat becomes tender.