Pie Tail Soup with Achyranthes

Nourishes qi and tonifies the blood, tonifies the kidneys and strengthens the waist area. It is used to treat deficiency and weakness of qi and blood, weakness at the waist and thighs, nocturia, heavy menses and dysmenorrhea.

Twotoothed achyranthes root 10–15 g, fleeceflower root 15 g, dioscorea root 15 g, processed rehmannia root 10–15 g, dried longan aril 10 g, asiabell root 15 g, Himalayan teasel root 10 g, pig tail 300–500 g.

1.Rinse the various ingredients and soak in cold water for 30–60 minutes.
2.Blanch the pig tail in boiling water, then re-boil with other ingredients over high heat in a separate pot.
3.Change to medium heat and cook as soup for 2-3 hours, until pig tail is tender. Add seasoning to taste and serve.

Tips for a Healthy Life
Use with caution for those who are generally weak, heaty, and suffering from distension or yellow phlegm.